"Also, Bertie loses his virginity to the world’s most charming, warm, and charismatic prostitute (Rachel Annette Helson.) Mazel tov!"

-New York Observer

"Bertie, under the alias “Tom, Thomas, Tom,” visits a prostitute (Rachel Annette Helson) for the first time, leading to the best joke of the night. “Well, to tell you the truth, this is my first time too.” “Really?” 

- A.V. Club

"Meanwhile, a very capable prostitute (Rachel Annette Helson) deflowers Bertie and Henry Robertson pioneers the 1901 version of the sex tape. "

- Rolling Stone

"While Lucy is most definitely taking a break from matters carnal, Bertie is finally getting his feet wet and enlists a “professional lady” (Rachel Annette Helson) to give him a rather naughty anatomy lesson." 

- Vulture
Courtesy of  Cinemax

Courtesy of Cinemax